Yardian smart sprinkler controller with security camera in garage Yardian smart sprinkler controller with security camera in garage Yardian smart sprinkler controller with security camera in garage
Save Up to 50% of Outdoor Water Use in Your Yard or Garden
The Yardian is the world’s first smart sprinkler controller with a built-in security camera. It is also the only smart controller with access to local weather data and a Water Restrictions Database. The Yardian can help save significant water and financial resources, avoid potential municipal fines and effectively monitor activities in your garage or yard from your personal smart phone.
Yardian smart sprinkler controller saves water and money
No More Constant Adjusting and Monitoring of Your Sprinkler System
The Yardian’s “Smart Watering Program” carefully determines the optimal manner to water your lawn or garden with current, local weather data, your lawn or garden profiles and local water restrictions.The “Program” covers all watering zones by default. The Yardian can be easily set up and operating automatically without any manual programming.
Yardian smart sprinkler controller smart program
Water Restrictions Database Exclusively for The Yardian
More and more U.S. urban areas are adding government restrictions to residential water use. In some geographical areas, it is becoming incredibly difficult to maintain a green garden while avoiding penalty fees. With our help, there is no longer any real need to research your local government’s water regulations; the Yardian maintains and updates a water restrictions database that automatically alters your watering schedule to adhere to any required restrictions.
Water restrictions exclusively for yardian smart sprinkler controller
Aeon Matrix is an EPA WaterSense Partner
Aeon Matrix's innovative smart sprinkler controller, the Yardian has been certified by WaterSense, a major independent 3rd party partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that it meets national specifications for water efficiency and performance.

WaterSense partners with manufacturers, retailers, and distributors, home builders, irrigation professionals and utilities to bring WaterSense into communities. Its partnerships encourage innovation in manufacturing and the support of sustainable jobs for American workers.

WaterSense works toward transforming the marketplace for products and services that use water and promotes a nationwide ethic for water efficiency, conservation of water resources for future generations and the reduction of water and wastewater infrastructure costs.

Aeon Matrix is strongly passionate and actively involved in helping Americans understand the importance of water efficiency and to take action to reduce their water use...in their homes, out-of-doors and at work. We are proud to be a WaterSense partner.
Water restrictions exclusively for yardian smart sprinkler controller
The Yardian Provides Peace of Mind…It Protects Your Home
Home safety statistics state that “4 burglaries happen every 60 seconds somewhere in the United States…and, it takes only 6 seconds to break through a garage door”. Installing the Yardian in your garage is the perfect security device with its built-in digital camera. It ensures permanent digital eyes, 24/7!
Yardian smart sprinkler controller with security camera protects your home
Aeon Matrix Ensures Future Proofing of the Yardian
Aeon Matrix is able to integrate free Over-The-Air (OTA) programming with all Yardian devices. It conveniently receives new software, configuration settings and encryption updates. The Yardian also works with IFTTT, a web-based service to allow device owners the freedom and flexibility to create customized shortcut applications and actions. These "future-proof" capabilities ensure that this controller is a true investment in evolving smart home management.
Yardian smart sprinkler controller Ensures Future Proofing of the Yardian
Smart Technology Award
The Yardian wins the "2017 Top of Innovation Award" at the International SMAhome Exhibition and Conference. We received the highest marks in the innovation of technology/breakthroughs over 450 other smart home product exhibits.
Yardian smart sprinkler controller Wins Top of Innovation Award at SMAhome Exhibition