Aeon Matrix's Precision Irrigation System Improves Crop Yield and Reduces Labor Costs

Aeon Matrix’s precision irrigation system is based on accumulated solar radiation, which allows it to automatically determine when and how much water to apply. By eliminating human judgment, our system ensures consistent watering, leading to improved crop productivity and significant cost savings.

Irrigation base on human jugement

Irrigation base on Solar Accumulation

We have successfully installed over 20 units of these advanced systems in a large farm encompassing tomato and cucumber greenhouses spanning 10 hectares. The results have been remarkable, with a crop yield increase surpassing 20% and labor costs reduced by over 62.5%.

Precision Irrigation for greenhouses
Yardian Max 6-zone
Farm size
20 acres
Zone Number
Over 20 controllers for over 60 stations
  • Apogee solar sensor
  • USB isolator
  • Surge arrester