No More Worries: Effortless Garden Care Even When Traveling

"The Yardian Takes Care of My Garden!"

This project involves adding a rooftop garden balcony. The homeowner carefully researched suitable plants and landscaping options for the rooftop garden. Due to a busy schedule and frequent business trips, an automated and remotely controlled irrigation system was required. After extensive research, she discovered that only Yardian Pro, a comprehensive smart irrigation system, fully met her needs.

The planning divided the garden balcony into four irrigation zones based on floor levels and plant characteristics. Durable PVC pipes were used for the main pipeline, which were then converted to flexible PVC drip hoses with micro-spray heads in the planting areas.

Because of the weak on-site Wi-Fi signal, the controller connects to the network directly using a 4G network receiver. A rain sensor was also installed to automatically stop scheduled watering when it rains, ensuring efficient water management.

Transforming our balconies into lush gardens not only provides a sanctuary from the stress of daily life but also promotes the purification of our body, mind, and spirit, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the refreshing fragrance of nature. With Yardian’s smart automated irrigation system, the worry of forgetting to water your plants in the midst of a busy lifestyle is eliminated. The Yardian app facilitates effortless management and scheduling of watering for each specific area, ensuring that your carefully nurtured plants are well-taken care of even when you’re away on business trips or travels.

Irrigation for gardens
Yardian Pro 12-zone
Zone Number
4 zones
  • 1 inch solenoid valves
  • Rain sensor
  • 4G router