IoT Automated Solution

In Combination with Relays, Sensors and Conditional Programs

Aeon Matrix’s Yardian Max multifunctional smart controller addresses various automation needs — in combination with relays and sensors. The Yardian Max can be used in irrigation automation to drive 24-volt AC solenoid valves directly. It can also serve as an IoT control center with relays to control various equipment for all kinds of applications. By adding sensors through a sensor hub to integrate with the Yardian Max, users can easily use our unique “conditional programs” to create automated routines for different scenarios.

Variable Programs

  • Instant Watering (single zone)
  • Instant Program (multiple zones)
  • Manual Program
  • Conditional Program
Yardian Max Multifunctional Controller

Unique Features

Quality Guaranteed

Our controllers come with 4-year warranties. The system operates locally without relying on an internet connection. Data is encrypted and saved locally. Remote control and monitoring is possible when an internet network connection is available.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer a variety of scheduling options, including: Instant Activation (single/multiple stations) to activate stations immediately, Manual Program to activate stations based on set dates and times, and Conditional Program to create automated routines for different scenarios with corresponding sensors.

Perfect for Various Applications

connecting to solenoids

through relays

through local network

connecting to solenoids

Irrigation Control

through relays

Device Control

Electrical Cabinet


Shading Net


Water Wall


Roller Blinds

through local network

Sensor Integration

Yardian Data Hub







Irrigation Control with Solenoid Valves

Equipment Controls with Relays

Create Automated Routines for Different Scenarios

Daily 09:00~15:00,light sensor higher than 50k lux → close the shading net
Daily 09:00~18:00,light sensor lower than 8000 lux → turn on light for 30 minutes

Daily 09:00~15:00,temperature higher than 25°C → Turn on the fan for 40 minutes
Daily 00:00~06:00,temperature lower than 20°C → Turn on heater for 20 minutes

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